No two days are the same here at Cinder, but here is an example of one in our dev team.

8:30am – For the past month, we have been running a series of live subject line testing for client A (due to system restrictions, we have not been able to run A/B testing). Logged in and changed the subject lines to their third iteration of testing and filled out the report to be sent to the client. Over every analytical measure, this subject line was 5% more successful than the first iteration.

9:04am – Yesterday Client B notified us of a change in the construction of their website URLs. We worked on updating the concatenation of the URL strings in the templates overnight and need to run some final automated system and spot checks before the 10am scheduled send. All green lights.

9:37am – WIPs – a chance to check in on the new work assigned for the day and learn from the other devs what successes and challenges they’ve experienced this week.

10am – I’ve been assigned a 30 segment landing page. The task is to code a landing page with 30 different creative iterations depending on values fed through from the database.
Step 1: Define the segments and clarify the data requirements with the client. Thank God for Slack!
Step 2: Battle with AMPScript. The segments overlay in a table and are styled into an accordion.
Step 3: HTML. No dramas with the code. It took some time to extract the correct ordering from the brief.
Step 4: Styling. Now everything looks slick.

4 hours at the standing desk switching between Sublime, Word and Chrome has made me starving. I’ll check back in after lunch!

2:34pm – After an Account Manager bribes me with a cookie, I’ve got time for an impromptu discussion about a client’s existing architecture and the effort that it would take to match their proposed changes on our system. The good news is it won’t be too big of a job to change.

3pm – We’ve got a busy three days ahead of us this week, so the team assembles to discuss what and where we are working on. There is going to be scoping for a new client on Thursday and a large scale email campaign launch on Friday.

3:20pm – One last meeting. We have been reskinning our home grown Referral Marketing tool Amp over the last month and are nearly ready to release the new functionality and look to the public! Just got to squash some bugs first: 12 small changes identified and one creative change. The orange just wasn’t quite right. Sass will make short work of the change.

3:35pm – Time to refocus for the afternoon. Late last week I set up the mechanism for a triggered email campaign. The brief was for four separate files to be dropped to the FTP, which then triggers four different emails, so I had set up four separate automations.

The client emailed to notify us that due to their system constraints, they would be dropping a single file with an extra field identifying which email should be sent.

To work with this new set up, I binned the three now-redundant automations and remodelled the remaining one to use a parent-child relationship for the incoming data. Ran the test file and everything is running smoothly.

4:15pm – Oops, forgot to check the cricket score. Australia vs. New Zealand. We’re chasing 200 to win. Will be an exciting finish.

4:20pm – Got sidetracked reading a referral marketing article sent to the team.

4:25pm – Time to “Amp” the evening away. Applied the new skin to the final two pages of the sandbox version of Amp. Every page is now fully responsive!

5:15pm – Time for a couple of quick games of Fifa with the team – a great way to switch off at the end of the day 🙂