For this marketing audit, we signed up online for a Sephora Beauty Insider account, and opted into emails. There’s no doubt Sephora do omni-channel well, but for this article we will just focus on the beauty juggernaut’s email marketing onboarding campaign.

Day zero – Email 1
Subject: Welcome to Sephora Beauty Insider
Style: Image based long-form content
Content: Welcome message, infographic on the tiers of the program, why shop with Sephora, request for more information, best sellers.

All of Sephora’s emails are entirely image based. So while that is something we wouldn’t recommend, it’s a decision they’ve gone with so we’ll just mention it once.

The inclusion of the tier table here is excellent as well as the reasons to choose Sephora – ticking the education and USP boxes early. They also request more subscriber information here, the incentive for a more complete profile being more personalised email content.

The best sellers at the bottom is actually a rotating gif which is a nice eye-catching touch and mirrors the website nicely.

Day one – Email 2
Subject: You’re in. Connect with us @Sephora 😗
Style: Image based long-form content
Content: CTA to explore Sephora on other digital channels and download the app, best sellers and Beauty Insider status information.

Many companies put the digital channel call out in the initial welcome email, but Sephora has such a plethora of other content (not to mention the app) that it warrants a separate send.

It’s interesting to note that this and the third email both include an emoji in the subject line. Sephora would have tested this and found this to be the most effective copy, so it’s a good takeaway for other marketers who might want to experiment with subject lines.

Sephora email footerThis is the first email with the dedicated Beauty Insider info panel in the footer (and inclusion of points status in the header). As with air miles updates, subscribers are more likely to open a send if it contains information personalised to them. The Sephora emails do a nice job breaking down point balance, spend to get to the next level, and other perks the customer may not have known about.

Day three – Email 3
Subject: You’re in. Something in store just for YOU 💖
Style: Image based long-form content
Content: Push to visit a Sephora store, map and Beauty Insider status information.

After the digital channel push comes the incentive to get to a store. This email omits the best seller gif to keep the focus on the physical store shopping experience. The inclusion of a map is helpful.

Six days after the third welcome email, their regular newsletters started arriving.

Aside from the aforementioned image reliance, these emails are excellent. They manage to convey a great deal of information in a digestible and visually appealing format, and do a good job to set the tone for the email newsletters which follow. The points information footer is well designed and a clever addition to the emails to keep subscribers opening. Well done Sephora, 10 eyeshadows out of 10.