Working in digital it’s easy to find yourself in a bit of a bubble. Indeed, some might say we speak another language entirely. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, here’s a bit of a dictionary to assist with translation should you should you find yourself asked “What is it you do again?” while peeling prawns with Uncle Jim.

Onboarding – Pretend the brand is the ship’s captain. This is the process of them standing at the top of the gangplank and saying “Welcome”, and then after an appropriate amount of time has passed, trying to sell you stuff.

Back end – This is much less exciting than it sounds. Think code. Lots of code.

Cross channel promotion – Nothing to do with England and France talking economic growth. This is when we sell you things across as many mediums as we can (social, mobile, email, etc.).

Below the line – There’s not an actual line under which we’re all cowering. Apparently the term comes from Proctor & Gamble’s advertising bookkeeping methods in the 50s and 60s. Digital work is mostly below the line since it is trackable and measurable and…oh yes sure I’ll take a top up.

Growth hacking – Nope, nothing to do with those Anonymous guys you might have seen in the press. This is what keeps marketers (or “growth hackers” as the Millennials may be calling themselves these days) up at night: growth, and how to generate it. Expect some channels to be crossed.

IP warming – Think of the send IP address as an egg and the email service providers as the water. We need to warm up with them slowly. Otherwise they’ll break us.

At this point they’ll probably ask you to fix something on their computer, sorry, you’re on your own with that.