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Upgrading or migrating to a new enterprise software system is no small feat. Thanks to our 500+ integrations, we have worked out a system that makes the process as straightforward as possible for everyone involved.

Here at Cinder, we pride ourselves as being experts in the art of the technical implementation of a cloud based marketing platform.

No doubt choosing to upgrade or switch enterprise software providers is a big decision, but it is after the paperwork is signed that the real work begins.

Luckily for our clients we have over 15 years experience and have worked through enough complex system integrations that we are able to anticipate the curveballs, predict the spanners or stumbling blocks, and any other unpleasant metaphors that may arise.

To give you an idea of our approach to a software implementation, here is what to expect when you’re expecting (a new enterprise software suite).


This is the stage when we gather information and make sure we understand your requirements. What systems exist in your ecosystem? How do platforms need to talk to one another? It is also where we determine what will and won’t be in scope. Hence “scoping”.


The Blueprint is a comprehensive document that covers the results of the scoping session, including timelines, deliverables and instance details. It will become something of a guide or playbook throughout the implementation process.

Build phase

For this phase to begin, your account manager will outline the information we need from you. Depending on your build, this could include things like email suffixes, reply addresses, user logins, etc. We will most likely also need data schemas, ERD’s and data test files.

We will set up your account to the agreed upon specifications in the Blueprint and make it feel like home for when you are ready to move in.


We test what we’ve built, making sure that elements like link wrapping and reply mail management and tracking are functioning properly. Automations and data transfers are also tested and retested. Let’s iron out any bugs!


This is the stage where we show you around and introduce you to your new system. We’ll also walk through the blueprint deliverables with you. After this, we hand it over to you to test. Some clients also opt to have custom training at this stage.


Once you have tested the account out for yourself, we request signoff for a job well done. After sign off, you may opt to run the account self-sufficiently or engage us in an ongoing supportive technical and/or strategic role.

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