We are big fans of Refer-a-Friend (RAF) marketing here at Cinder. So much so that we’ve built a product around it: Amp.

This won’t be an article going into why RAF is an excellent tool to have in your marketing portfolio (lower cost per acquisition, higher quality leads, higher lifetime value etc. etc.). Here we’re talking about how to boost your referral numbers once it’s in place.

Here are some ways to get the word out about your word of mouth program.


A competition is an effective marketing tool in its own right, and when combined with a RAF condition of entry; they can effectively boost your campaign.

Of course, the competition will also need promotion, but if the prize is worth it, getting entries shouldn’t be difficult.

Currency Fair have a promotion where a referral gets entry to win flights, here is an email promoting the competition:


2. Check your channels

Do you know in what channels your customers are most active? Ensuring that the right share options are being offered can dramatically boost your numbers, and providing a personalised URL (which can be used anywhere) is always a good plan.

Wool and the Gang has a few social links, the personalised URL, and go the extra step of importing Gmail contacts.


3. Give up some website and email real estate

Before your customers shout your brand from the digital rooftops, you’re going to have to lead the way. Promote your RAF program on your homepage, put banners in transactional emails and give it a permanent home in your menu and profile centre. Air Bnb and our client amaysim both do this well:



Regardless of what you try, keep testing and optimising. Your RAF platform should have reporting which help support your decisions and shed light on what’s working.

We refreshed our Refer a Friend campaign and integrated Amp to simplify the CX which helped boost our customer acquisition by 304% within the first 6 months.



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