ippinka_edmIPPINKA is an online store specialising in functional, well-designed products, often with limited sales runs. I’ve been a newsletter subscriber for a while. Usually, I’ll open their sends, briefly scroll through to look at what’s new, and call it a day. Once I bought an umbrella from them. That’s the extent of my relationship with the brand.

Their newsletters are great (if a little image dependent), but overall easy to read and mobile friendly. No complaints here.

The other day I was doing my usual open and browse, and was met with something different: plain text.

Maybe they had a Black Friday discount email they needed to get out quickly, or maybe they were trying a new format. Either way, without the accompanying image to see the product, I clicked through for the first time in a while. I’m willing to bet a lot of other subscribers did too.

Would this work as a long-term newsletter* format? Probably not. Curiosity would have gotten a lot of people clicking this time (IPPINKA are using the same technique media use on Facebook, tease with the post and drive clicks to the website) but a text based email wouldn’t suit their brand as a long-term solution. But should they try sends like this again in the future? Absolutely.


The IPPINKA example above does drive home a good point: don’t be afraid to experiment. Just because you
Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.47.27 AMexperiment with a new template doesn’t mean you can’t go back to your previous one. Jolt subscribers awake once and a while!

*Newsletters no, but plain text can be effective for other sends. Refer a friend, for example, is one that benefits from the more casual plain text feel.