It is extremely common these days for marketers to take the easy route when it comes to email marketing. It all seems simple enough: draft copy for your newsletter, spend time on design, test and retest until it looks just right and then SEND!

Phew the email has gone, now we can cross it off and move onto the next item on our checklist knowing that our customers have received the email.

Did you forget something? When setting up your email campaigns do you take care to setup a valid reply address? Do you actively seek to engage with your customer base through dialogue and interaction? Or do you simply set up a ‘do-not-reply’ address so that when a customer legitimately wants to communicate with you they cant because they get an email bounce back. In this age of ‘joining the conversation’, being accessible is more important than ever.

I receive many marketing emails that have a ‘do-not-reply’ address set as their reply email. This basically says to the me the customer “we’ll send you emails but we don’t want to hear from you”. Imagine the effect this is having on your brand.

Keep the two-way communication open. You might just learn something.

There are a many reasons to create and use a valid reply address and these are the top three:

  1. It allows customers to unsubscribe direct to a human who can process it on their behalf,
  2. It allows customers to interact with your brand and ask questions, compliment and complain,
  3. It makes your brand seem real, when all others consider them as a dollar sign.