What we do

Put simply, we’re here to improve a customer’s experience with your brand and bring your marketing plans to life. With over 500 platform integrations & migrations to date, we know the questions to ask and the process to follow to support your technology decisions. Working with Cinder will mean your marketing cloud comes with a chance of sunshine.

Marketing Platform Implementations

Whether you are graduating to a more robust platform to meet your growing company’s needs or have decided to use new functionality within your existing marketing software, we know the questions to ask and the process to follow to support your marketing technology decisions. With over 500 platform integrations and migrations to date, we can confidently call ourselves implementation experts.

Technical Integrations

Whether it’s integrating with a marketing platform or developing a custom solution, our team is ready to make your vision a reality. With experience across a variety of verticals, we understand the unique requirements of each and are able to anticipate potential hurdles. With Cinder, no data is left behind.

Digital & Marketing Consulting

Our team of digital marketing and platform SMEs can help answer those critical questions to help determine your marketing goals, optimise your operations and ensure appropriate technology mix and use. We will help ensure your marketing activities stay on track to meet your KPIs and deliver robust results.

Digital Platform Selection

It’s an enterprise marketing platform jungle out there, luckily you have a guide with Cinder. Through discovery sessions and interviews with key stakeholders, we will advise on which digital platform and implementation approach will best meet your business needs.

Platform Training

To ensure your marketing platform implementation is money well spent, Cinder can create a custom training program designed and developed to take your users to the next level. Whether its development, campaign execution, reporting or a basic platform refresher we would love to help you get more out of your platform investment.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

How do you define your customers? Is it a list or are they categorised as personas? Segments or marketed to One to One? Let our data guru’s review, validate, create and design your lifecycle marketing strategies. By creating an effective lifecycle marketing strategy and corresponding automation, your customers will have a better relationship with your brand, and you will be taking advantage of the full potential of your marketing platform.

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