Marketing Platform Implementations

At any given time, we have 3-4 enterprise marketing platform integrations on the go (the vast majority being the Salesforce Marketing Cloud or SFMC). After a few hundred implementations and platform migrations , we can confidently say we’ve got our 10,000 hours under our belts and can call ourselves experts.

If you would like more of an explanation on what an implementation involves, we have a dedicated page that goes through the whole process.

Thorough scoping is key to success in this area. Many times during this phase it becomes apparent to the client that additional features or custom work may be required to meet desired use cases. This is a much better conversation to have at the beginning rather than the end of a project, and at Cinder we work hard to minimise any late in the game surprises.

Throughout your implementation you will have a friendly and hands on team who will be managing your project from start to finish and are always available if you have any questions.