Why choose Cinder?

There is no shortage of digital agencies for clients to choose from, so we want to emphasise what makes Cinder different and explain why our long-time clients have chosen to stay with us.

tl;dr: We help you understand and realise your marketing objectives through:

  1. Lifecycle marketing strategy
  2. Implementation expertise
  3. Data based decision making

As an agency, we embrace both marketing and technology. Indeed, we believe the most effective campaigns are a balance of both these elements. Rather than complicate with unnecessary jargon, we simply provide a solution that will deliver results in the most efficient way possible: technology powering marketing.

We are known around town as Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) implementation experts, but we are also platform agnostic. We stay educated on what is happening in the enterprise marketing software industry so we can advise clients on the best solution for them.

As a small and nimble team, our service is personal, we’re friendly (and sometimes funny) and you will always be able to get a hold of someone. We’re your extended marketing team.

Our difference

We are defined as much by what we are as what we are not. We won’t confuse the conversation with jargon or sell you on things you don’t need. The bullshit tolerance is low around here.

We are creative problem solvers

We are easy to work with and have a sense of humour


We are implementation experts

We go above and beyond to get the job done

We are platform agnostic

No bullshit

Our approach

At Cinder we understand that every company is unique, with different stakeholders, requirements and history. For this reason, we take a consultative approach when it comes to any new brief.

By interviewing all stakeholders and relevant departments before producing a blueprint, we ensure the final product is something that adds real value to the entire company, not just the marketing department.

Our collaborative approach means the brief at the beginning often has changed by the time we start the build. We embrace this change and evolution since it indicates challenging presumptions and genuine creative problem solving.

Our Clients

Fan Club

We refreshed our Refer a Friend campaign and integrated Amp to simplify the CX which helped boost our customer acquisition by 304% within the first 6 months.


Cinder enabled us to revalidate a large number of false bounces classified by Bigpond. This lead to an immediate increase in traffic and sales prior to the holiday training period. Their approach and professionalism during this stressful period was fantastic and I would highly recommend them.


Like what you see? Come join our team!

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